I know only like two people actually read this, but sorry I’ve been so absent.  The shows toward the end of last year were hindered by an intense sickness, and this year I’ve just been slacking off!

Besides the shows in Florida with my dad I have also hit some around here, not to mention a couple of festivals already.

Thursday/ Touche Amore–   This show was a must see.  I know I had seen Thursday a few times last year after their reunion, but any time Thursday is around, you go see them.  There is a reason they were so big, and such an influence in the genre.  I love how much energy they have an how they throw in songs from nearly every album.  Touche put on one of the best sets I’ve personally seen them play.  Since the last time I saw them,  they had put out a new album, Stage IV, and it was great to hear some of those songs live.  The new material really shined, and shows diversity, especially my personal favorite off that album “Palm Dreams”

Bon Jovi–  I have always wanted to see the legendary Jon Bon Jovi and when I heard they were coming to Nashville I had to take my mom.  She was the reason I liked them and she had also never seen them before.  Bon Jovi still belts out the lyrics and has a great stage presence though on this tour it felt sort of stifled by the huge chunk of new material they played.  I know he’s really trying to push his new album, and newer (more lame country sound) but the fans are there to hear the classics.


Banks and Steelz– Though I did not go to Coachella, I did not miss one of the main acts that I had wanted to see there.  Only having California dates, Paul Banks and the RZA, were worth catching while out there.  It might have been the delicious tacos, or the great El Rey theater talking to me but whatever it was convinced me they had one of the best set’s I’ve seen this year so far.  The energy and talent of both made me even more of a fan of them and a great mash up album.

A Perfect Circle – I will say this, Maynard is the man.  I am not nearly as big of a fan of them as I am Tool, but this show was great to see. At the moment it’s the closest I can get to seeing Tool, and I’ll take it.  Only complaint was they didn’t play “Judith” WHAT??!!

Rock on the Range–  Literally the worst festival I have ever been to.  I don’t have much to say about his festival, nor do I want to waste my time and words on it.  It was a completely terrible event from organization to how the bands sounded.  Pretty much the only good about this festival was: the Offspring sounded great, and played a hits set which allowed me to finally hear some songs I’ve always wanted to hear, Live was great to finally see… well… live.  It was their first show back in 8 years and you couldn’t tell they even stopped. Amon Amarth put on a cool show including half a viking ship and a sword and shield battle during one of the songs.  Then there was Metallica.  I have been dying to see them and right before they went on we got rained on… twice….  I was wet and angry but it didn’t stop me from rocking out to the great ones.  They were more incredible than I thought they would be.  I even got to hear them play “Creeping Death” which is one of my all time favorites by them.  Other than that, I hated that fest so much.



Bunbry–  I only did a day pass for the final day of the fest which seemed to be the only day worthy of going.  The night before I got to see Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars in Snapchat-1959762470Nashville at their sold out show, who were also playing Bunbury allowing me to enjoy a back to back performance from Muse.  Jared Leto, and crew in 30 Seconds were so disappointing that I did not want to see them for a second time.  I couldn’t believe that they didn’t play any of their old stuff besides an atrocious acoustic rendition of “The Kill” that essentially ruined the song and put a dagger in their set.  Other highlights from the fest were seeing Rev. Horton Heat play “Psychobilly Freakout”, catching Dreamers fun early day set, and seeing The 1975 for a third time.  AFI arguably had my favorite set of the day though.  They put on the best performance I had seen from them spanning older songs, and some of the songs I wanted to hear off the new album.  Muse finished out the night with face melting solos and out of this world visuals.  Being that I had seen them the night before I knew how amazing they were live.  Matt Bellamy can shred on the guitar showing off his pure talent.  I have the chance to see them two more times this year and I don’t think I’ll be missing them.

LRM_EXPORT_20170605_201232The 1975


LRM_EXPORT_20170605_20580930 Seconds to Mars





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