Taking Your Dad to a Hardcore Show

I know I have personally been slacking on keeping this blog up, especially with the last couple fests and shows of last year, but you can blame that on extreme sickness due to running my immune system into the ground from said fests and shows.  I never thought I would have to take time off and miss a couple months of shows to recover but after doing that I am feeling very healthy and getting back on track to seeing some killer shows. I’m hoping to continue writing about them and not slack so much for the one or two people who actually read this thing.


I decided to take my first trip of the year to see Senses Fail at the House of Blues in Orlando with my dad.  Even before we could get to that show we had found out that Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath were playing the day before we were expected to get down to Florida. With Underoath being one of my favorite bands of all time, and BMTH being a band my dad has recently really gotten into, we decided that show was must and we had to change plans to go down there early.  We (I) drove all through the night so we could get down there early and relax before the show, and boy did we need that!  I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with the Orlando Hardcore scene.

Snapchat-844397659The Orlando Fair Grounds Amphitheater is a ten thousand cap venue located next to a lake which provided some really nice pre-show scenery.  That serene moment would quickly fade as soon as Beartooth arrived onto the stage. From that moment on the pits were opened and people were bouncing, crashing, and slamming into each other whether you wanted to or not. Dad and I managed to move up in the crowd by dodging the judo kicks and windmills of the slam dancers which seemed like a great idea until Underoath was up.  Beartooth put on a really great show, but the crowd really reacted to my boys in UO!  I figured since it was practically a hometown show for Underoath, being that they are from a not too far away Tampa, and that it was the first day of the tour, the crowd would be going nuts.  They were.  I was too.  It was pure energy from the very first moment of the set.  Dad and I pushed and shoved and eventually got separated in the wave like motion of the crowd.  I fought hard but eventually gave out to find a better spot to enjoy the rest of the set.  I am so glad I did because they were so on that night.  Dad ended up staying up front for a few songs of BMTH because he said “I wanted to prove to those young punks that I could handle myself up front in the pit.”  Eventually dad came back just as soaked as I was with his, mine, everyone else’s sweat, and drinks all over us.  He was all smiles and had a blast during the show.  We finished it out toward the side and for the first time in the many times I saw them BMTH actually played a great set.


A few days later we got to the House of Blues a little late after taking a wrong turn thanks to Dad not knowing how to use Google Maps.  Like Pacific had already started their great set which made me sad that I had missed any of it.  I hadn’t actually listened to them before except maybe one song, but their set made me want to go check them out officially.  Next up was movements who were about as great in my opinion.  I felt like they had a La Dispute vibe to them and I will have to check out their stuff too to determine if the studio albums hold up to the live performance.  Third, we had Counterparts.  I had actually seen Snapchat-408274835them before, and I knew they would be a little to grindcore-ish for dad but the whole time he was banging his head and chearing after each song. This show had gone much better than the previous one as far as a rowdy crowd went which was pleasant after how insane the last one was.  Dad and I were practically right up front slightly to the left which was a perfect spot for what we were about to see.  They uncovered the stacks which had the Still Searching cover painted on them and made me even more excited.  The show started up and a few songs in they played the couple songs that Dad actually knew so it was cool to sing along and rock out with him.  I have seen them a couple of times, but this time was one of the best ones yet.  That album is incredible and the deserved the performance that it was given.  We left electrified after they played five encore songs that included “Blackout” which they never play live.


I can now check off Florida as a state that I have seen a show at, and it was well worth the trip!  Dad had never been to an actual hardcore show like those before and I know for a fact that he will be going to some more.  He kept talking the shows all week and it was hilarious to hear him talking about something that was “so new” when I had been going to shows like that for nearly a decade now.


– KEGSIMG_20170316_153320_81020170308_202001



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