Warped 16


Last year I thought I was getting too old for Warped and thought  it would be my last one, but then the lineup for this year had a lot of older acts on it that I couldn’t pass up seeing.  My 13 year old self was definitely jealous of my now 26 year old self seeing most of the bands that I got to finally see.


As the hot humid day went on I realized that I was not that young guy that I was when I started listening to those bands, nor when I started going to Warped. I was literally the old man of Warped. I fell asleep once mid-day while sitting down trying to cool off. Even though I saw a bunch of great bands this year, I saw the least amount of bands in a single Warped than I ever have in past years with my total being just 20 bands.

Good Charlotte was incredible still after all these years, and they sounded perfect on every song.


Reel Big Fish had the most fun set of the day.  They played their hits, and a hits medley of other 90’s songs that they kept claiming to have made which included songs from The Offspring, Nirvana, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.


here are some more pics because I’m feeling lazy

IMG_20160724_173538Motionless In White

DSC03185Bullet For My Valentine

DSC03122Less Than Jake

DSC03086New Found Glory


DSC03157Sum 41

DSC03068Motionless In White

DSC03086New Found Glory

DSC03053DSC03002Reel Big Fish

DSC03147Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die

DSC03132Andy Williams of Every Time I DieDSC03102DSC03098Atreyu

DSC03040White Chapel


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