Weez(er)ing at the Disco with a New Mouse

I know I’ve been slacking hardcore on posting, but I have been too busy going to the shows, and travelling for shows, rather than actually posting.  July was a busy month, and I should have posted by now about some of the shows, so here is a quick rundown of a couple I went to.

Weezer & Panic! At the Disco


I have seen both these bands a couple of times throughout the years.  They still hold up now just as great as they were when the first time I saw them.  Panic! ,who is now basically Brendan Urie and company,  still can sing and dazzle the crowd.  Though now the songs are far more radio friendly pop songs more than synthesized pop-punk from 10 years ago.  I still enjoy the new music, but it pales in comparison to what he/they made on A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.  The crowd roars in approval when they hear those old gems in the set, which have been reduced to only two songs off that album, and the electricity is felt throughout the crowd radiating from the stage.  The new songs bring more of a old Vegas lounge act feel without Sinatra.  Like I said before I do enjoy the new stuff but It doesn’t bring the same fun as the first time I saw them when there was just Fever, and Pretty Odd.

Weezer is still creating the same great music as they always have, and are holding up extremely well throughout the years from the Blue album in the early 90’s to 2016’s White Album, they have a solid catalog of music and hits to play.  This was the third time I’ve seen Weezer, and it was by far the best time.  Every song sounded great, and nothing sounded worn or tired after so many plays over the years.  They even did a wonder medley of songs that included my favorite song from them “Keep Fishing” though, sadly there were no Muppets on stage with them like the video has.  Their performance showed everyone at the Ascend why they deserved to headline, and continue to earn that top spot.


Brand New and Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is a band with a very large catalog of music also and a “hits” set is just not in their nature.  This made the third time I saw them, and I was pulling for a much better performance than the shit show they crapped out at Riot Fest. The first time I saw them was at Hangout fest in 2014 which was still to me their best performance to date.  The show at the Ascend was pretty close to being as great as Hangout.  A couple other hit songs would have really done it for me, but they opted to throw in some songs from their latest album, which is understandable.  I was still happy to see them again, especially in better form than last time, plus Isaac even played guitar with teeth.


Seeing Brand New on this tour marked the 8th time I had seen them. For some fans just being in their presence once is a lifelong dream.  I managed to see them four times last year alone, so most of this year’s set was the same and slightly repetitive, not to mention they didn’t play anything off You’re Favorite Weapon which made me sad.  I was very happy to hear a couple of the new songs, and reworked songs from their demos. Not to mention, they played Quiet Things…, which they don’t always do and that made me very very happy… and it wasn’t even in the rain this time! (ahem, Riot Fest 2013).  Not to say it was a bad show by any means, but it wasn’t as epic as seeing them at the Ryman…. though… nothing really can compare to that holy venue.


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