Hangout 16


The time came again for all the dude bros and basic bitches to take off their Greek letter tee shirts, and put on their bathing suits to get drunk and scream out wrong lyrics to the only song by each band they’ve only heard on the radio. “I only know like one song by ______” – the most common phrase I heard all weekend which was evident each set after that song played and the crowd emptied.   As annoying as all that sounds, my third weekend at the beach was actually a lot of fun.

Thursday evening started out right at the Kick-Off Party with Moon Taxi doing their Rage Against the Machine cover band “People of the Sun”.  After them I was hyped up for one of the worst acts of the weekend… no, wait… one of the worst acts I’ve ever seen in my life: Lil Dicky.   I really don’t have the words, or feel like describing how terrible it was. Thankfully the night was redeemed by an incredible set by Grouplove, who were the main reason I went to Thursday night. I was so happy to see them back in action after they had their baby, and worked on their new album.  Finally the night was concluded by Matt and Kim who played the same set as I saw at Coachella, but it was still fun.


Friday started with an ominous tone as the storm that rolled in late Thursday night postponed the fest for four hours.  Luckily the Hangout gates finally opened and we still got to see the bands we wanted to, but with shortened sets. Pepper, Silversun Pickups, and Big Grams started off our weekend with great sets.  Big Boi gave us a little surprise with a little bit of Miss Jackson minus Andre 3000. (side note: I got to meet Phantogram and they were really cool) The Struts played another mediocre set, and people left after they played “Could Have Been Me” of course. Walk the Moon was a similar happening after playing a bunch of great songs off their self titled album, they finally played “Shut Up and Dance” and people lost their minds, then the migration happened as they started up “Anna Sun.” The night started to close with a terrible set by the Chainsmokers who were great at Coachella, but very dull in the Boom Boom tent. Though my night wasn’t completely dead after that, The Weeknd gave a pretty decent performance.  I even ended up knowing like four of his songs suprisingly.

Saturday brought more of the indie rock aspect to the fest.  The sun was shining as Kaleo and Magic Man opened up our day.  Magic Man did a great cover of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World that I was pretty happy about. X Ambassadors had one of the biggest crowds of the weekend for having an early set.  Not to mention one of the loudest sets of the weekend, they really cranked up the speakers for them.  Throughout the day I finally got to see The Neighbourhood, Bear Hands, and Miike Snow.  The Griswolds brought out Walk the Moon and did a cover of Van Halen’s “Jump” minus the guitar solo. I caught the BG local talent Cage The Elephant to show a little hometown love, though I was wishing I was in Tidballs at that moment.  Due to a car wreck, Calvin Harris was not able to make it to Hangout pushing Panic! At The Disco into a much deserved headlining set.  Brendon Urie came out strong to “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” into “Time To Dance” setting the tone for the rest of the set. Most of the songs were from their/his last two albums but he sprinkled in some other random songs including a great performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

IMG_20160523_100130The crew during X Ambassadors.

Sunday was a much more relaxed day for me.  I split Run The Jewels and Health to start my day.  Health was pretty great, but had the smallest crowd of anyone I saw all weekend, though they still played like they had one of the biggest. Moving through the day I caught part of the Fetty Wap set which I had to leave as soon as I could because of how terrible he was.  The whole time it was him mumbling into the mic and then yelling 1738! over and over and over.  Thankfully Grimes set started soon after Fetty so I had a chance to watch a real performer.  Grimes was totally worth my time as I expected her to be after loving her last album. I caught a chill performance from Haim, into a soothing one from Lenny Kravitz, before going over to get a good spot for my girl, Ellie Goulding.  Ellie Had an hour and a half long set and I could have stood there for double that for her.  Her set was longer than the one at Coachella where she ended up playing a bunch of deeper cuts rather than just a hits set.  Last set of the weekend was Florence + The Machine who I put on a much better performance than the last time I saw her in Atlanta a few years ago.



More Pics from the weekend.

DSC01498DSC01510People of the Sun


DSC01581Matt and Kim

DSC01586Matt and Kim

DSC01613Big Grams

DSC01616Big Grams

DSC01703The Weeknd


DSC01725Magic Man

DSC01728Magic Man

DSC01743DSC01754The Griswolds/Walk The Moon

DSC01759DSC01765The Neighbourhood

DSC01775Miike Snow

DSC01779Miike Snow

DSC01804Cage The Elephant

DSC01813Cage The Elephant



DSC01903DSC01929Ellie Goulding

DSC01974Ellie Goulding

DSC01984Ellie Goulding

DSC02005Florence + The Machine

DSC02010Florence + The Machine

IMG_20160524_123942Lenny Kravitz



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