“You know where you are?! You’re at Coachella baby!” – Axl screamed out while introducing Welcome to the Jungle


I know I’m a little behind on posting a review, and pics but oh well. It took me a while to finally get it through my head that I actually went to Coachella and get over the sadness that was post-Coachella-depression.   The weekend was amazing, and besides a minor setback in doors opening the first day, I have zero complaints about the festival.  The grounds were beautiful, the stages were set up perfectly, the sound engineers were so good at making every single act sound as incredible as possible, the food was amazing, and of course the weather was perfect. I’ve never been to a festival run so smoothly, which is why Coachella has the ability to boast that it is the top fest of festival season.  You really can’t argue with them about it especially when you add in the stacked lineup.

Out of the 100+ acts there I managed to see 55 of them which was quite a task.  For the most part set splitting wasn’t a big deal, and I was able to see almost all the acts that I wanted to.  I made a few sacrifices for better spots for LCD Soundsystem (6 rows back), Ice Cube (15 rows back), and Guns N Roses (7 rows back).  Really though, it wasn’t hard to get up front if you really wanted to.  And getting up front wasn’t a beer soaked gauntlet because you couldn’t even take beer out of the designated drinking areas (another amazing thing Coachella does!)  Probably the hardest task of my weekend was getting into the middle of the Sahara tent during the Chainsmokers which was well worth it.


Day 1 had the most acts to see and the most running.  Even though the stages were fairly close, we still put on some miles that on Friday. The openers Fiday were cool, but my weekend really didn’t start off until The Front Bottoms got on stage. I’ve seen them a couple of times, but I really loved their set at Coachella and probably was my favorite time seeing them. Not to mention the Palm Trees in their background really set the scene. I caught a few more that I had seen before like Robert DeLonge, Ellie Goulding (with an incredible “hits” set that I was loving), Of Monsters and Men (who were better this time around seeing them), and Lord Huron. The day was highlighted by some that I had never seen before: Joey Bada$$, Foals (with an incredible set and sound), The Kills, M83 (who blew my mind, and remain one of the best sets of the weekend), Underworld, Surfjan Stevens (I am now a fan of his), Purity Ring (who I have been trying to see for years and it was amazing), and of course LCD Soundsystem.  It was a real treat to see LCD, one that I thought I would never get to see after their “Last Show Ever” at Madison Square Garden in 2012.


Day 2 was the easiest day. The morning consisted of hanging out in the tents, fully equipped with chandaliers, until about 3 when it was time to see Run The Jewels.  After them it was chilling around to see CHVRCHES, Courtney Barnett, The Arcs, Gary Clark Jr, and a few more before settling in for a long stay at the main stage starting with Disclosure.  They brought out a multitude of guests, including Lorde which was cool. Ice Cube was next who did the whole NWA thing… sorta… no Dre, which was sad, but he brought out Snoop, and Cube sang  Westside Connection’s “Gangsta Nation” which was a real treat for me. Finally it was time for Guns N Roses which was one of the main reasons I was there. Stood seven rows back for the whole 2 1/2 hour spectacle spanning their career even including Chinese Democracy. Axl sounded so good, Slash spent the whole time running around the stage shredding, Duff did a Misfits cover of “Attitude” which was great and then they brought out Angus Young to solidify in my mind being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.


Day 3 was a chill day after spending the first two in the hot sun, and rocking out the night before at Guns. I  caught a bunch of acts I wanted to see spanning from the relatively unknown Girlpool, to the always great Rancid, and Death Grips who actually showed up.  The night was pretty much stolen by Sia and her incredible performance that I did not want to leave to catch Death Grips. I was pretty much amazed by it. The weekend was closed out for us with bass drops from the Chainsmokers, Flume, Major Lazer, and Calvin Harris. I was especially surprised when Calvin brought out Rihanna which made me so happy and ended the weekend right.


I cannot wait to go back, I wish the weekend never ended. so here are some more random pics of the weekend.

DSC00157DSC00161DSC00162DSC00199The Front Bottoms

DSC00208Joey Bada$$

DSC00219Robert DeLonge



DSC00265DSC00272The Kills

DSC00290DSC00291DSC00292DSC00299Of Monsters and Men


DSC00351DSC00353DSC00383Ellie Goulding

DSC00412LCD Soundsystem

DSC00422DSC00430Purity Ring

DSC00470Moon Taxi

DSC00472DSC00496Gary Clark Jr.

DSC00514Run The Jewels

DSC00517DSC00519DSC00530Courtney Barnett

DSC00531DSC00532DSC00567DSC00568DSC00570DSC00573DSC00603DSC00629DSC00635DSC00644DSC00683DSC00684DSC00710DSC00739DSC00745DSC00767Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

DSC00773Diplo (Major Lazer)DSC00783DSC00872DSC00875Rihanna with Calvin Harris

DSC00877IMG_20160419_142701IMG_20160420_12461320160417_210004The Chainsmokers



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