Wombats & Relient K

This past week I saw a band on Monday who I’ve only been listening to for about a year, The Wombats; and a band on Friday who I have been listening to for 15 years, Relient K. Both I was equally excited for to be honest, and one ended up letting me down.

The Wombats are still fairly new and not as big as they should be.  I had been wanting to see them for a while but since they are from across the Pond, they don’t come around as often as I would like.  That all changed finally and I was so excited.  From the moment they came out on stage the air was electric! They came out and blasted through “Give Me A Try” and “Jump Into The Fog” which are the two songs I wanted to hear most anyway so that made me happy.  The rest of the set was great too.  The guys were hilarious in between songs giving semi accurate reasons and descriptions to the next song.  I highly recommend seeing them if there is another chance!

Jump to me getting off the plane from LA to go to see Relient K.  Somehow I missed this band every time they came around for the last 15 years.  I admit, I hadn’t really listened to much of their stuff past Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek, which is their second album from 2000, but still really wanted to see them.  They played a couple songs in the beginning that I recognized but after that I was pretty lost.  The crowd was loving it though, everyone was jumping and shouting the lyrics and going nuts.  They played flawlessly, and sounded really great, but it still didn’t have the magic I hoped it would have.  I think I played it up so much for the last 15 years that finally seeing them was almost a let down… especially because they didn’t play “Sadie Hawkins Dance” or “The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One” like they had basically all year except on this Christmas tour. Instead they added 5 Christmas Songs to their set…. I left when they started that nonsense.  I HATE Christmas music, it’s almost as bad as country music. I would definitely go see them again because they did play well, but I was pretty sad about not hearing the couple songs I really wanted to hear.  Maybe Next time…..



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