Emo Night LA

1 Year of Tears #EmoNightLA #SadAsFuck #rideorcry


This past week I traveled across country to attend the one year celebration of Taking Back Tuesday, also known as Emo Night LA.  My friend had been telling me about how incredible the event was for the past couple of months and made me have to check it out. It was my first time in LA and it was plenty worth the journey!

We arrived at the Echoplex at 7 pm to hang with a group of friends until we were able to enter the festivities at 9 pm.  The whole line was buzzing with excitement as photographers came around to take pictures and do interviews including one of yours truly.  People were recalling their favorite memories of seeing certain emo bands, and of past emo nights.  Chris Carrabba even came out at one point to take some pictures with fans, and some of/with my friend and his killer “EMO Night- The Feels Awaken” shirt.  That was the start of a great night.

Emo 6

Once inside we grabbed a spot up front, and it wasn’t long until we were all rocking out and singing our hearts out to the songs we grew up with.  The first live act was an acoustic set by Have Mercy who sounded great, but I didn’t really know any of their stuff. Next FIDLAR was up to guest DJ. They tore it up on stage dancing with everyone until one of them collapsed over the DJ booth for an entire song only to resume dancing when the next song came on.  After that Jack from All Time Low, and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance were up to guest DJ.  Jack was all over the place,  as he was drunk and having as much fun as the rest of us.  Mikey on the other hand…. he didn’t look happy to be there whatsoever.

Emo 7

Finally the moment we all had been waiting for arrived: Mark Hoppus was up to DJ.  This sent the room into a frenzy and everyone wanted to be up front to be as close to Mark as possible.  Honestly, I felt like it was a bunch of posers trying to be cool, but that’s just my opinion as my friends and I were getting squished up against the stage.  Mark made it awesome by playing some Blink songs and singing his parts. That made me happy, but not as happy as I was when I actually saw Blink at Riot Fest a couple of years ago.

After that Chris came up for a Dashboard Confessional set which we weren’t really excited about so we went outside and chilled for a while with Jack on the patio as he spun some more songs singing along with us. We finished the night back inside going hard until the last song.  Needless to say our 14 year old selves would be very happy with us still going hard to the songs of old.

Emo 5


(except for the first picture, all pics came from the Taking Back Tuesday Facebook page, but of course I’m gunna use them because I’m in them!)


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