Album Review: Turnover – “Peripheral Vision”

I have been hearing all year about the band Turnover and how excellent they are and how their album is something to be experienced and heard. Three times this year I was planning on going to shows where Turnover was opening and every time I missed the show, except for this last time. The only thing I can say from that experience was that damn, missing the first two times was a mistake.

I still didn’t even listen to the band prior to seeing them. I skimmed over Peripheral Vision for like five seconds a song the day before the show just to see what they sound like. I got the feel of a low-fi shoegaze-y band with sort of punk roots. That doesn’t even make sense, but if you listen to the album it truly does.

Take the album opener “Cutting My Fingers Off” for one example: the song draws slowly in before you get some upbeat hits and some slow, telling lyrics. Think of rain. Think of that lulling misty weather that happens right in the middle of the rainstorm. That’s how this album feels, all of it. And it’s sad. Most all of the lyrics are sad. It rained all of the week before last and this album was the perfect soundtrack for it. It’s all incredible though. The entirety of track one goes on about a lost relationship, but the lyrics just touch on little drops of emotion until it comes down at the end like that last raindrop on your windshield. The songs closing lyrics:

“And every dream I’ve ever had has been of myself,
And every dream I’ve ever had’s been of a
better view with a ten month summer,
losing you is like cutting my fingers off.
And even with that summer,
without you I’d rather cut my fingers off.”

And the whole album is like that. Little hits that slowly break you down until your whole reaction is like “Fuck, that’s what that song was about.” It’s that little epiphany after each song that really takes this album to a different sort of place. Take the album’s closer, “Intrapersonal” as another example. The whole song builds and builds and builds until the bridge before the chorus that is such a subtle touch, yet incredibly impactful:

“Native delirium,
Are you a daughter of
This new insomnia,
My hypochondria?
Wilt me just past the bloom,
Pull up my deepest roots,
A graceful poison like
a wave of vile blight.”

The whole album is riddled with beautiful shit like this. It’s hard for me to grasp that for every great album I’ve listened to, there are a hundred more equally incredible that I’ve never even come close to hearing. This could have been one of those times. Instead, I was able to listen to killer songs like “Humming ” and “New Scream” two of which I think are some of the best songs on the record.  One of my favorite lines on the album comes from the latter of the two songs that sings ” Stay up through the night, sleep away the light / just another dream I had that’s better than my life.” It’s lyrics like that that draw me back to the record.

Peripheral Vision is one of the biggest surprises for me this year. I went into a The Story So Far show excited to see a killer set from the headlining back and instead I found an album from the opener that was better than most of the albums I’ve heard this entire year. Do yourself a favor and give this one a listen; you won’t regret it.

Listen to the entire album here.
Listen to featured track “New Scream” here:


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