Ink and Iron Fest

So, I know I’ve been slacking lately and getting posts out really late, but I have been going to some pretty cool shows. 20150808_170254The Ink and Iron fest in Nashville a couple of weeks ago was no exception.  Not only were the musical acts great, but the classic car show was right up my alley.  I got to see history when I saw W. S. Holland drum his tracks throughout history.  I actually had no idea who he was at first, but after hearing his stories on stage I quickly realized I had been hearing him my whole life.  He was the drummer for Carl Perkins on the “Blue Suede Shoes” record, has played with Elvis and other early rock-and-rollers, and was the only drummer for Johnny Cash for his 40+ years of touring. Talk about some musical history.  That right there was worthy of my trip to Nashville.

The actual show for the night got started for me with The Bronx. A hardcore punk band that I have seen a few times, and have never been disappointed.  They ended the powerful set right with “History’s Stranglers” which got me pumped for the next historical act: The Misfits.  I love the Misfits. I have had the pleasure of seeing both the modern Jerry Only incarnation, and I have seen Danzig and Doyle Von Frankenstein do the more classic version.  At the fest they ripped right through the set mixing modern and classic Misfits songs including Bullet, and my personal favorite Astro Zombies. Needless to say I was set for the day right there… But wait! There’s more!Misfits 3

Suicidal Tendencies were up next.  They worked the crowd the whole set. I feel most of the crowd was there to see them anyway. They played the songs I knew and wanted to hear with the exception of Institutionalized, though I have seen them do it before at Riot Fest.  Finally we get to Coheed and Cambria who is the only act of the night I haven’t seen before. From the moment they came on stage I was blown away until the very last note of their closing song “Welcome Home.”  When they played “Blood Red Summer” and “Favor House Atlantic” I was instantly given the feeling I was back in high school.  Well worth the wait to see them.   20150808_222555



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