Refused Are Not F*cking Dead

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing Swedish rockers Refused! After released their first album in 18 years, Freedom, they embarked on a small North American tour only visiting a handful of cities as the opener for Faith No More. With the constant volatile manner of the band we made sure to see them on the closest date of the tour which happened to be the first day of this tour in Atlanta.

I felt as if we were the only ones there for Refused because seemingly every person was wearing a Faith No More shirt from years past and basically scowled at us when we expressed our excitement for the openers.  Nevertheless we got a good spot five rows back to see a band we never thought we would get to see.  Due to some sort of confusion they arrived on stage 15 minutes late, dressed very fashionably in suits, and only were able to play eight songs.  The came out to their newest single “Elektra” which sounds like a return to form for them. Even after being away for years, they still sounded incredible. Dennis Lyxzén was wildly energetic swinging the mic around so fluidly that it would give Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) a run for his money.  The crowd didn’t seem to know much of their stuff, and seemed unattached from the performance until halfway through “The Deadly Rhythm” they did a fill with Slayer’s “Raining Blood” and then went back into their own song.  It was unexpected, but really connected with the crowd who seemed to almost accept them afterward.  When “New Noise” started up people recognized it and seemed excited, but it was the seventh song in the setlist bringing the hype almost too late for the Atlanta crowd.

I loved it all and banged my head along the whole time as should be done to their music.  I would love to see them again on a headlining tour and would encourage everyone to check them out live hopefully in the states, and not having to go all the way to Sweden.

Lastly, Faith No More was really good live too. They sounded excellent, played very well, and really got the crowd going. I was very impressed with the whole show.




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