Pros and Cons of Getting into a Band Late

With so many bands popping up all the time it’s hard to stay on the cutting edge of music. Even the “Find Em First” section at Best Buy is outdated by a year or more.  Then, there is that friend who told you to listen to this band years ago but of course you didn’t listen to them. The a fore mentioned situation is normally the one I’m in.  Often the friend who is telling me to listen to some band is my co-writer Clint.  Some of these bands (in no specific chronological order) include: Brand New, +44, Dance Gavin Dance, Death From Above 1979, La Dispute, and Refused.

Sometimes being a little late to the party is good though.

  • More prevalent touring schedules: some bands seemed to never tour before, like Brand New, but now after getting into them heavier a couple of years ago I will have seen them 5 times by the end of the year. Also, older bands such as Judas Priest, Cheap Trick, and Def Leppard are touring now more than they were years ago. Though I have been listening to them my entire life, I obviously wasnt around for their first albums!
  • Reunion tours: Refused and Death From Above laid dormant for more than 10 years but in 2015 they both decided to make a new album and tour again.  Years ago I also wasn’t going to shows or festivals, and some bands make special appearances now allowing me to see them, such as Alexisonfire at Riot Fest this year.
  • New Album(s) to fill a lull: Sometimes I really need something new to listen to so I’ll dive into one of those bands that someone told me about years ago until I realize that I like them and have been missing out.
  • New Material is better than the old:  This was the case for Cage The Elephant for me.  The last album Melophobia really got me into them more than the one or two radio hits I would hear. I went back and checked out the previous albums again enjoying them more.
  • Music taste has changed:  This one works my previous example too. I honestly didn’t get into The Strokes, or Arctic Monkeys when their first two albums had came out even though my then girlfriend loved both bands.  Now, I love The Strokes and have traveled cross country just to see them.

Sometimes the party is over, or should have been shut down long ago…

  • Band broke up years ago: This is a very popular happening with a lot of the music I listen to.  So many pop-punk bands, and emo bands had a couple of huge years and then died off just as quickly as they came around.  My luck is this happens only a few months or so after I really get into them .
  • Band changed singer: Another very popular happening with the music I listen to a lot.  Some bands such as Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, and blessthefall have a back catalog of good music (and great new music too) that I don’t expect to hear anymore which is often sad.  Some singers choose not to do the old songs, or just can’t make them sound right.
  • Band changed sound: Like I said before, sometimes time helps, but sometimes time doesn’t. Maybe I really like a band’s first album that I just got into, so I see them, and it’s all new stuff that really isn’t my style. Sad Day.



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