Getting Weird

For nearly 20 years of my life I have idolized the one and only Weird Al Yankovic.  When I was younger I didn’t actually know some of the real versions of the songs, and when I finally got to hear them I liked the Weird Al version better. This wasn’t just because I heard them first, it was mainly because of the hilarious lyrics, and zany noises he included.  The fun never seemed to end for me when I put my CD’s on repeat for hours driving my parents crazy.  Since I didn’t start listening to him til the mid 90’s I had a huge catalog of his music to explore.  I had always dreamed out seeing him live, but never thought it would actually happen… until this year… twice!

Since his latest album Mandatory Fun hit #1 on the Billboard Chart, Al has received so much press and attention leading to more new fans, and the pull for a tour. The Mandatory Fun tour was announced earlier this year making stops in both Nashville and here in Bowling Green!  Needless to say I was ecstatic about the news, and anxiously waited at the computer to buy tickets the first minute they were available online. Sadly though I was not able to obtain front row balcony seats for the Nashville showing…. talk about

The Nashville show was at The Ryman which is one of the best places to see an act.  My childlike excitement was bursting at the seams when I got there before the show started.  From the moment the music started for “Tacky” I knew that night was going to be exactly what I have waited for for all those years.  He bounced back and forth from new Mandatory Fun songs and old classics including “Eat It”, “Another One Rides The Bus”, and even a stripped down acoustic version of “Like A Surgeon”.  For me the highlights of the show were when he played “Smells Like Nirvana” dressed in the same outfit as the video, “Fat” in the fat suit, and when he played “All About The Pentiums” from the Running with Scissors album.  The night ended with his Star Wars themed songs “The Saga Begins” and “Yoda” dressed in the Jedi robes with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers  as background dancers. In between songs during wardrobe changes he played clips from every facet of pop culture television he was been on or in.

The Bowling Green show was the same performance at the SKYPAC where I did end up getting front row balcony seats! The whole night seemed to be amplified so much more than the Nashville date because the day before the show I had the chance to actually meet him!!!! I was freaking out, but kept my cool while talking to him even getting a picture and an autograph. Cross that off my bucket list!  If anyone wants to see a great show, definitely go see Weird Al! My dad who is not the biggest fan wen with me because he said he “heard him so much when I was a kid he might as well go see him.”  Though even not being a huge fan he really enjoyed himself and said he definitely was a performer and puts on a great show.



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