In defense of a self proclaimed God

If you know anything about modern music, you know who I am going to talk about based on the subject of this post.  Yeezus himself.

This past weekend he performed at Glastonbury with a staggering 30 song setlist. Basically highlighting the major crowning points of his career by including collaboration songs and songs from each album.  Even after approximately 130,000 people signed a petition to remove his performance from the fest he still played opening his set with “Stronger” which I believe is a bold statement to everyone who didn’t want him there.  He came out swinging to a massive crowd singing along with “Stronger” transitioning into “Power” with the crowd chanting the background music the whole time. Kanye didn’t even lose the crowd’s vocals when he started “Black Skinhead” and then restarted it when someone on stage interrupted the song.  Talk about a second coming.

People can talk all they want, but his performance really brings his talent to light.  Living close to Nashville I always have to hear about his Taylor Swift interruption and how “terrible” it was.  I think it was amazing first of all, secondly it put the spotlight on both him, and Taylor. Many people still didn’t even know who she was before that which is deserving of a thank you from her to him. All of the other controversial things he has done in the recent years are great publicity and we all know there is no bad press with him.  I mean, at least he recanted his statement about Beck not being a real artist admitting that he, in fact,  was. And so it is written.

His own genius is evident in crafting beats and hooks mixed with dark ominous undertones to make your speakers go wild at a party. Every single album in his catalog has at least one song that would cause a room full of people to bust out in song at the top of their lungs.  If that is not pure talent and artistry then I don’t know what is.  Whether he is collaborating with his own G.O.O.D music group, Jay-Z, or Sir Paul McCartney he can obviously pull help from legendary artists that will take over the airwaves. Performing for sold out crowds,having the hottest song on the Billboard charts, and headlining huge festivals is a good reason to have a big head about yourself.  As for claiming to be “The greatest living rockstar on the planet”… ya know… maybe is at the moment even if it is just for this weekend..  Rockstars tend to be eccentric and larger than life feeling like they can touch the sky.  Though, in the case of Yeezus, it might be walking on water.



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